Requirements for references

The list of references should include at least ten sources.

Each author’s surname should be accompanied by a reference to a source in the list of references.

The list of references should include references to modern studies published in the past five years. It should necessarily (!) include references (3–5 sources) to papers from highly cited foreign and Russian journals included in WoS, SCOPUS, and other databases, the RSCI database for Russian journals.

In references to Russian publications, it is required to specify the direct URL of this work in the RSCI system!

When self-citing, no more than 1–2 sources are allowed.

All sources must include pages, the year of publication, city, and publishing house.

The sources in the list of references should be numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text. When a source is cited repeatedly, the initial citation number is used.

Information on the sources is specified according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008.

Bibliographic entries should be carefully verified by the author!

When compiling Romanized References, Russian-language sources, as well as sources in other foreign languages, should be translated into English.

Each reference should include the translation of the title of the paper or monograph, the place of publication. It is important to observe punctuation between the reference elements (space, comma, period, colon, dash).

When referencing in English, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • The symbol “//” should be replaced with a period.
  • The city of publication should be specified in full. For example, write Moscow instead of M.
  • The number of pages in the form “s.” (123 s.) should be replaced with “p.” (123 p.), when the total number of pages in the source is specified, or “pp.” (pp. 23–35), when specifying the page range of a paper in a journal or collection of articles.
  • The sign “№” should be replaced with “no.”.
  • Use “Publ.” when translating the name of the publishing house into English. For example, Moscow, Krom Publ.
  • The authors’ surnames and initials are specified first (for a work by one to three authors).
  • When listing the authors, there should be no comma between the author’s surname and initials, the symbol “&” is not used, a space between the initials is mandatory.
  • When translating the lexical units “responsible editor”, “edited by”, “editor-in-chief”, the English equivalent “Ed. by” should be used.
  • If the publication has a digital object identifier (DOI), it should be specified.