Light symbolism in the poetry of M. Mokaev

R. A. Kerimova
Institute for Humanitarian Research – a branch of the Federal Research Center
“Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, Nalchik, Russian Federation

Light symbolism in the poetry of M. Mokaev

Abstract: The article examines the role of light images in the work of a Balkarian writer M. Mokaev. The figurative and associative features of light symbolism are determined, the specificity of individual thinking is revealed, and the connection with mythological, religious, literary, and philosophical foundations is established. The originality of the author’s interpretation of the mythologems of the sun, moon, and stars is studied. The work focuses on the main themes and motifs of the lyrics, the study of poetic handwriting, and artistic and stylistic features. The most important aspects in the development of the writer’s artistic consciousness are revealed, and the originality of M. Mokaev’s artistic and philosophical model of the world is revealed. It is proved that light symbolism has many-valued mythological and literary-philosophical projections; it is associated with folk, poetic and religious traditions. The author’s original metaphors of the sun, moon, sky, and stars are based on the reproduction of an archaic model of the world. For M. Mokaev, the semantic intention is the maximum striving for the ideal.

Keywords: literature of the thaw age, M. Kh. Mokaev, Karachai-Balkarian poetry, tendencies, poet of the sixties, folklore.

Paper submitted: January 13, 2023.

For citation: Kerimova R. A. (2023) Light symbolism in the poetry of M. Mokaev. Russian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 49–55. DOI: 10.57015/issn1998-5320.2023.17.2.4.

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