“Oblomov” novel by I. A. Goncharov in the bookish tradition

E. V. Kirichuk
Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Omsk, Russian Federation

“Oblomov” novel by I. A. Goncharov in the bookish tradition

Abstract: The article examines the relationship between the figurative system of I.A. Goncharov’s novel Oblomov and the works of illustrators. The tradition of decorating the book with picturesque images can be traced from the XIX to the XX century. Illustrations for the novel also reflect changes in the critical understanding of the I. A. Goncharov’swork. The existence of the novel “Oblomov” in the book-illustrative culture is an interesting phenomenon, due to the variety of style and technique, the choice of graphic or color scheme of illustrations by different artists. In addition, the article revealsthe illustrator’s ambition not only to reflect the meaningful outlineof the novel, but also to create a generalized symbolic image of the main character i. e. Oblomov. This approach demonstrates the techniques of the ingenious, free interpretation of one of the bright literary characters.

Keywords: novel, Russian literature, Goncharov, Oblomov, illustration, book culture.

Paper submitted: December 9, 2022.

For citation: Kirichuk E. V. (2023) “Oblomov” novel by I. A. Goncharov in the bookish tradition. Russian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 65–75. DOI: 10.57015/issn1998-5320.2023.17.1.7.

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