The history of “Science and Life” popular scientific journal formation

V. I. Khomyakov

Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Omsk, Russian Federation

The history of “Science and Life” popular scientific journal formation

Abstract. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the place of “thick” magazines was occupied by “thin” weeklies; it happened due to a number of reasons: the change in the social and political situation, the state of the audience, the public’s need for information and the craving for education. Popular science publications and journals for self-education took the leading place among the printed periodicals of those years. Type-forming features of non-fiction publications are of interest, they have affected a universal model of non-fiction editions, “Science and Life” popular journal can be fully attributed to them. The formation of a new journal at the end of the 19th century fully reflects the traits inherent in the media of the period. On the one hand, they are press democratization and appeal to the mass audience, on the other hand the Russian science and technology popularization. These processes were not always harmonious, and it was reflected in the pre-revolutionary “Science and Life” Journal. The basis for the study was the general methodology of historical- philosophical analysis, general theory of cognition, general methods and special methods. Descriptive and historical-comparative approaches are the leading ones in the study. Popular scientific literature forms a holistic world view in its audience. The combination of scientific depth and popularization of scientific discoveries allows us to talk about a new type of publication. The subject of publications in “Science and Life” of the late 19th century allows us to conclude that a lot of ideas laid by M. Golubkovsky, the first editor of the magazine, will find a peculiar continuation in the revived journal of the Soviet period.

Keywords: popular science journal, readership, typology, thin weekly.

Paper submitted: May 16, 2021.

For citation: Khomyakov V. I. (2021). The history of “Science and Life” popular scientific journal formation. The Science of Person: Humanitarian Researches, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 85–90. DOI: 10. 17238/issn1998-5320. 2021.15.2.10.

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