O. P. Zaytseva,
Doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, Department of accounting and Finance, e-mail:, Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation, 26, Karl Marx Prospekt, Novosibirsk, 630087, Russian Federation


The relevance of a question is caused by insufficient level of modernization processes regulation and formation of educational systems in regions. The higher education markets and labor markets are insuffi-ciently interconnected in regions. The main tendencies of higher education development by the example of Siberian regions and the Far East are presented in the article. Mainly, they are ambiguous or adverse by character. The prolongation of it can lead to decrease in long-term competitiveness of regional education systems and to strengthening of the capital education systems monopoly position.
The role of Siberia and the Far East regions in volume of the top skills training, by the number of network of higher education institutions and the operating dissertation councils, decreases. Special attention is paid to development of the higher education in the Novosibirsk region taking into account resource base, economic branch and regional specifics. To overcome unpromising tendencies it is necessary to develop multisubject interaction of interested parties and systematized researches of regional higher education on a reliable information base. The offered recommendations, submitted to alignment of competitive positions of regional higher education institutions are addressed to the representatives of the regional and federal author-ities, the analysts and the researchers of labor markets and higher education.


regional higher education, higher education institution, tendencies, balance, labor market.