Yu. V. Kupriyanov,
Senior Lecturer Omsk humanitarian Academy,
2а 4th Cheluskintsev st., Omsk, 644105, Russian Federation
SPIN-код: 6979-6290


Problem. Identification of integrative elements in methodical works on production planning for fur- ther construction of its integration model. Currently, integration as a scientific approach is one of the key characteristics of modern organization management and it is recognized in ISO 9000-2001standard and serves as the basis for integrated management and planning models construction. However, the integrated system approach has got theoretical development in internal planning, but in production planning the ap- proach is presented in the form of discrete elements in different methodological works. The purpose of the article is the elimination of this theoretical gap, the identification of disparate integrative elements in the methodological support of production planning, their systematization and generalization.

Methods: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction and formalization.

Conclusion. The resulting list of integration areas used in methodical works on production planning is of great theoretical and practical importance for the creation of an integrated model of production plan- ning, organization and improvement of production planning at modern domestic industrial enterprises.

Keywords: production planning, integrated approach, directions of integration in production plan- ning, integrative elements in planning.


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