Vol. 18 • No. 1 • 2024



A. E. Еremeev, E. I. Kopteva
G. R. Derzhavin’s ode “God” and L. N. Tolstoy’s anthropological concept in the epic novel “War and peace”

G. V. Kosyakov
Artistic floristics in the late lyrics of M. Yu. Lermontov

E. A. Akelkina
F. M. Dostoevsky about Peter I

A. A. Smagina
“Rose of the world” by Daniil Andreev in the context of Silver Age culture

I. O. Prikhodchenko
The local text of Pavlodar in the memoirs of А. V. Mil’ ‘‘Рeople and Destinies. Memories’’

T. P. Rogozhnikova
Stylistics of private and business correspondence of the 17th century: initial set form

O. A. Mikhailova
“Life and Death” opposition in the materials of the corpus of the Medium Irtysh region folk dialect

V. P. Zavalnikov
Speech strategies and techniques of influence: linguistic and pragmatic aspect (using the example of the positioning of the Lidermart online store)


O. N. Smolin
Legal or real status? On some results of legislative work in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor Annotation

L. A. Shipilina
Problems of education management in post-soviet Russia in the context of dissertation research on pedagogy

D. A. Alfer’ev
Mathematical skills of humanities professionals in the digital age

N. V. Gerova, V. A. Pavlushina
Perspective directions for the use of corpus research in the information training of future teachers of philology

N. I. Fomin, L. I. Mironova
Digital transformation of higher education: a service for assessing the pedagogical qualifications of a university teacher

M. V. Zaikin, I. D. Belonovskaya
Process analysis and modeling professional self-determination students of cadet organizations in cooperation with the military training center university

N. V. Alexandrova, O. V. Zaitseva, E. S. Asmakovets
Information and educational activities in the field of children’s mental health problems among substitute parents in the prevention of secondary orphanages in the Omsk region

V. N. Kartashovа
Actualization of the intercultural competence of students in the process of foreign language training at the university (on the example of holidays)


V. V. Biryukov
Features and prospects for reforming modern economic theory

K. N. Ermolaev, N. V. Manokhina, T. E. Stepanova
Tightening of monetary policy as the root cause of the crisis of the banking system in modern conditions

O. N. Kryukova, O. V. Shumakova
Multi-lay agricultural economy as flagship of development of Omsk region. Growth points and control mechanisms

V. N. Minat
Impact of structural shifts on labor productivity dynamics as a factor of regionalization and metropolization the US economy

A. A. Polozov, N. A. Maltseva, L. L. Brekhova, A. R. Akhmetzyanov
Model of the expected KPI of a job applicant at the enterprise and the dynamics of its further changes

E. V. Rozhkov
Urban electric public transport: financial and economic aspects of development (based on the example of the city of Perm)