Vol. 17 • No. 2 • 2023



A. E. Eremeev
The Biblical myth role in the formation of the moral and philosophical searches of the early N. V. Gogol (“Terrible Revenge”)

D. D. Sivokina
Features of the genre nature of the M. Petrosyan’s novel ‘‘The Gray House…’’

E. N. Rymareva, A. V. Sebeleva, O. O. Kozlov
Communication of figurative folklore systems in Russian and Khanty fairy tales

R. A. Kerimova
Light symbolism in the poetry of M. Mokaev

E. V. Kirichuk, A. V. Fedorova
Development and rethinking of the theory of existentialism in David Lodge’s ”Therapy”

E. S. Korshunova
Role of metaphors and similes for the literary images creationin the novel by Ray Bradbury “Fahrenheit 451”

O. G. Terentieva
The study of diachronic synonyms on the basis of the seme ‘‘hand’’ according to the texts of the dictionary entries of etymological dictionaries

O. P. Fesenko
Military personnel in the genre of anecdote: on the example of the image of an ensign

V. A. Evdokimov
Formation of the region image by the press of the territories

Yang Bo, Wu Jun
The Russian North: Mental images of Literary and Geographical Travel in the early works of Mikhail Prishvin

Yang Mingtian
The concept of Prishvin’s personality and his true fairy tale. Based on the materials of the diaries of M. Prishvin


A. V. Savchenkov, N. V. Uvarina
Regularities of preparation of future teachers of professional training for the implementation of educational activities

O. F. Levichev
The law of conservation of information as a transfer-integration mechanism of the real and virtual educational sphere

S. V. Shmachilina-Tsibenko
Implementation of the main directions and integrative methods of curative pedagogics in the International Child Center “Аrtek”

T. V. Sazonova
Complex directions for university programmestransformation aimed atpersonnel flexible training in the interests оf the territory of advanced socio-economic development

N. A. Markova
Formation of an information model of Foreign Language adaptation training

L. I. Malashenko
Theory and practice of development of professional experience of officers in crisis situations

V. G. Pinigin
Psychological and pedagogical support for the development of leadership potential of 1st year students

O. V. Velichko, T. P. Bakurova
Self-realization of college students in the process of professional training


V. V. Biryukov
Alternative approaches to building a model of human economic behavior

V. V. Karpov, M. A. Babichev
Selected issues of interregional migration in Siberian regions: on the example of the Omsk region

M. A. Miller
Development of the conceptual foundations of the economic security of the region

O. V. Sergienko
Formation of strategic decisions for sustainable socio-ecological and economic development of the agricultural sector of the economy

S. M. Khairova, M. K. Paravyan
Tools for business processes transformation in supply chains in the context of digital economy formation