Vol. 17 • No. 3 • 2023



Wang Zhaowei
An image of the “new woman” in the work of Z. N. Gippius (on the example of stories ‘‘Miss May’’ and ‘‘Apple trees are blooming’’)

E. Yu. Shestakova
The image of a child in autobiographical works about childhood by the writers of the Russian emigration of the first wave

S. G. Sizov
Reconstruction of a party intellectual worldview in the early 1920s: Boris Leonov and his literary works

O. G. Terentieva
The study of seme shifts in etymologically related words denotingthe expression of feelings basing on the etymological dictionariesentries texts

A. I. Khlopova
Content transformation of the basic value Ehrlichkeit (honesty) in German linguistic culture

O. I. Streltsova
Ways of expressing social and role characteristics in promoting media texts (by the example of invitations to webinars)

E. V. Shashkova
Naval newspapers in the media system of the Ministry of Defense of Russia: content and functional specificity

E. A. Legkodukh
Style peculiaritiesof Yevgeny Primakov’s texts as a political observer in the program “International Review” and in the status of the head of the Federal Agency “Russian House”

A. V. Lyapina
Christmas and Easter stories on the pages of nature and hunting magazines


L. N. Antilogova, I. A. Mavrina, N. P. Murzina
Interdisciplinarity as a category and principle modern pedagogical education

O. V. Volokh, T. S. Volokh
Changes in the system of higher education as a regulator of the needs for the development of professional skills of students

E. S. Radiontseva
Generation Z: emotional involvement in the learning process

N. V. Gerova, O. V. Meretskov, A. V. Klochkov
Analysis of possibilities to use end-to-end digital technology “artificial intelligence” in the context of educational activities

O. L. Osadchuk, H. H. Rybakova
Competitiveness formation of future teachers of vocational training at university

V. A. Marenko, O. N. Luchko, Ch. K. Ryspayeva
Modeling the structure of students’ motivational complex on the example of pedagogical activity

Z. A. Aksyutina, A. N. Slizhevskaya
Attitude of students of pedagogical and railway universities to academic dishonesty

N. N. Brezhnev
Levels of innovation processes at the military engineering university

A. V. Nedelyaeva, T. V. Mayasova
Interpersonal communication of foreign students and success of their training on the course “Age anatomy and physiology”

N. S. Veremchuk
Development of students’ digital literacy skills through the simulation model approach

O. F. Zadobrivscaia
Study guide development: theoretical justification and practical implementation (using foreign language as a case study)


D. S. Beloshitskii
Sustainable development of rural areas in the context of ensuring the economic security of the country

V. G. Demyanov, I. A. Kontorova
Strategic planning based on marketing research

N. А. Didenko, O. Yu. Patlasov
Diagnostics of the efficiency of lean manufacturing implementation at industrial enterprises

G. A. Domaschenko
Sanctions as a trigger for the acquisition of financial and economic sovereignty of the country

E. A. Orlyansky
Christian economic ethics as a way to reduce risks in the economy

O. V. Sergienko
Cognitive modeling of strategic-sustainable socio-economic development of the agricultural sector in the regional economy