Vol. 17 • No. 1 • 2023



E. I. Kopteva, O. M. Kolesnikov
Philosophical and aesthetic significance of biblical allusions in the poetics of A. P. Chekhov’s novella “Three years”

Md Tapu Rayhan
Ecocritical Approach to V. P. Astafyev’s novel ‘‘The Last Bow’’

I. O. Prihodchenko
Local text of provincial literature: the question of the concept definition and the history of study

T. P. Rogozhnikova
The language of Siberian accounting office work at the turn of the 17th–18th centuries

E. S. Radiontsevа
TV shows about fashion are always in fashion: the format-forming core of television fashion shows

E. A. Akel’kina
I. A. Goncharov’s art-critical article “Kramskoy’s painting “Christ in the Desert”

E. V. Kirichuk
“Oblomov” novel by I. A. Goncharov in the bookish tradition

А. V. Korovin
An Unusual Story Started in Omsk: Ivan Goncharov and Russian-Danish Literary Contacts

M. G. Merkulova
England and the Englishmen in the cycle of travel essays “Frigate Pallada” by I. A. Goncharov

F. V. Shelukhin
Interpretation of a literary text in cinema: I. А. Goncharov’s novel “Oblomov” and N. Mikhalkov’s film “A few days from the life of I. I. Oblomov”


N. S. Veremchuk, Yu. I. Privalova
Formation of digital competencies of students of technical universities using simulation modeling in the educational process

L. M. Маnuуlоvа, А. S. Маksimоv
Use of the digital educational environment possibilities to form the professional and legal competence of a future social pedagogue

N. A. Moiseeva, T. A. Polyakova, T. A. Shirshova
The digital services significance to solve tasks of information and mathematical modeling for future engineers

A. S. Korsakov
Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the professional mobility formation of military university cadets

G. K. Ismailova, L. A. Baitleuova
The influence of methods and means of teaching foreign languages on the students’learning outcomes and their academic motivation: review from Kazakhstani teachers’ perspective

T. P. Rudenko, O. V. Freze
Business English and its place in university EFL course for students of non-linguistic specialties

V. M. Miniyarov, E. I. Suslina
Cognitive level of the fifth-gradersalienation from learning activity

S. M. Andryushechkin
Study of the didactic materials influence on the development of students’ dialectical thinking

I. I. Novikova, O. M. Kulikova, I. G. Shevkun, G. V. Yanovskaya
Physical activity regulation in children’s and youth sport as a tool tomaintain children’s health: systematic review of the works of Russian and foreign scientists

S. E. Bebinov, O. N. Krivoshchekova
Developing young men’s driving skillsusing a modular approach in the paradigm of personal-activity methodology


N. E. Alekseev
Basic models of coordination of economic relations of economic entities

E. B. Dvoryadkina, D. А. Travnikova
Analysis of the sustainable development trends of the regional socio-economic system: a healthcare case

E. A. Orlyansky
Evolution of the inflation theory and its practical significance

O. Yu. Patlasov, O. G. Konyukova
Financial Indicators Modeling Technologies

A. S. Salamova
Socio-economic factors of poverty and hunger reduction in the modern world: Amartya Kumara Sen’s scientific approach

E. A. Akel’kina
Formation of a literary school at the Omsk Pedagogical Institute (to the 90th anniversary of the university)