Vol. 16 • No. 4 • 2022



E. A. Akelkina
Dostoevsky’s symbolic and spatial motifs as a means of philosophical synthesis in Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The White Guard”

Md Tapu Rayhan
V. P. Astafyev’s narrative techniques in “The Last Bow”

E. S. Sedova
Comparative analysis of the “Tea at the Midland” short stories by David Constantine and “It’s Beginning to Hurt”by James Lasdun

L. P. Kvashina
“Pushkin’s Speech” by F. M. Dostoevsky: poetics and politics

V. A. Evdokimov
Media system as unity of heterogeneous elements

A. V. Lyapina
“Nature and Hunting” journal as a new type of specialized publication

V. A. Egoshkina
Pragmastilistic specifics of popular science media discourse


I. M. Osmolovskaya
Learning in information and educational environment:
expectations and reality

I. V. Kulamikhina, E. Yu. Kamysheva
Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the development of
universal competencies in Master’s students: integrative approach

N. I. Churkina
Development of functional literacy of schoolchildren: regulatory framework and regional practices

T. S. Volokh, A. B. Moldaspayeva
Problems of legal regulation in educational institutions in the conditions of coronavirus infection

E. Yu. Radoustskaya, Ya. I. Onischuk, I. I. Novikova
Neurological manifestations of COVID-19 and post-covid syndrome as a
current problemfor specialists in education, pedagogy, psychology

M. S. Popov
Features of the use of digital educational and methodological content
in the process of teaching mathematics for the development of cognitive interest of students

I. O. Saifurova, M. I. Ragulina, G. A. Fedorova
Personalized programming training of future Computer Science teachers using the mobile technologies

N. V. Savina
Self-organization of a preschool teacher: meaning and reality

E. S. Korshunova
Teaching non-linguistic universities students the expressiveness of speech on the basis of English praseological units (on the example of the English language)

E. V. Balandin
The Composition and content of information and methodological competencies of a physical education teacher necessary for the selection and use of software and hardware for personalization of physical loads of cadets in the process of physical education

E. A. Sergievich, L. P. Pyagai
The effectiveness of badminton in physical education of students with diseases of the musculoskeletal system

D. B. Avdeev, L. V. Lonskaya, T. V. Malyutina
Interactive touch panel in Omsk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia


V. Yu. Anikin, O. Yu. Patlasov
Analysis of crowdfunding business models: key advantages of crowdfunding platforms

V. V. Biryukov
Paradigmatic features of the alternative strategies development
for institutional economicsstudies

T. E. Stepanova, R. K. Polyakov
Matrix of institutional capital of the region

V. V. Karpov, D. B. Krotov
Assessment of the financial risks dynamics and probability of their
implementation in the machine-building enterprisesactivity

E. V. Rozhkov
Methodology for assessing the digitalization processes in municipal
property management (on the example of the city of Perm)

R. U. Usin, O. Yu. Patlasov
Modeling of integral indicators of investment attractiveness
for food retail companies