Vol. 16 • No. 3 • 2022



A. E. Eremeev
Poetics of philosophical prose and moral and philosophical searches
in N. V. Gogol’s book “Selected passages from correspondence with friends”

I. V. Klypina, E. Yu. Shestakova
The problem of physical punishment of a child in the family raised
by Fyodor Sologub in his
prose and journalism

O. A. Shevchenko
Motives of silence and death in M. Tournier’s tale “Les Suaires de
Veronique” and P. Quignard’s novel “La Barque silencieuse”

D. D. Sivokina
‘The Gray House” novel by M. Petrosyan in modern
criticism and literary studies

L. Е. Tokatova
Moral responsibility lesson (dedicated to Naum Grigoryvich Shafer)

T. S. Glushkova, O. P. Matiyenko
Economic metaphors with the key tokens ‘price’ and ‘market’ in modern Russian media texts

E. V. Loktevich
Aestheticization of nonexistence in modern Russian rock-poetry


A. S. Korsakov
Professional mobility modeling for a specialist in a military university

H. H. Rybakova, O. L. Osadchuk
Formation of readiness of future vocational training teachers to implement inclusive education

N. V. Savina, E. V. Lopanova, M. G. Golubchikova, S. A. Kharchenko, T. S. Kotlyarova
Development of cooperation meta-skill among students through project
teams establishment in the educational process at university

Yu. V. Danko
Competences of a future foreign language teacher in the context
of professional activity and continuing education

A. N. Chaly
The study of the formation of the value attitude
of military university cadets to the security of military service

Т. Yu. Chetverikova
Evaluation of the teachers-defectologists competence in the field
of virtual practices at the transitional stage to hybrid learning

T. Sh. Shikhnabieva, E. R. Yaralieva, Yu. I. Zhemerikina
Taxonomic approach in foreign language teaching

E. V. Namsink, Zh. N. Telnova, M. V. Myakisheva, V. L. Malashenkova
Preschool teacher training in the Omsk region in historical retrospect

S. A. Rassada, O. V. Freze
Formation of methodological competence of bachelor students
of the profile of education “Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures” at the university

I. G. Shevkun, G. V. Yanovskaya, I. I. Novikova, S. M. Gavrish, О. А. Shepeleva
Healthy nutrition of children is a national objective of the state policy
in the sphere of education and the basis of health disturbances prevention

A. V. Vasilieva
The management model of interactive learning at the university


O. N. Kryukova, O. V. Shumakova
Ensuring food security: barriers, initiatives, perspectives in
transboundary ecosystems

N. S. Veremchuk
Application of simulation modeling in medical organization planning and management

V. N. Minat
Dynamics and wage differentiation in the USA: index approach

E. A. Orlyansky
Encyclical Rerum Novarum and Christian economic ethics

Yu. S. Pinkovetskaia
Higher education system staffing in regions

N. O. Patlasov, O. Yu. Patlasov
HACCP and food safety management systems in the PDCA cycle of the process approach