Vol. 16 • No. 2 • 2022



G. V. Kosiakov
Poetics of the portrait in the late lyrics by M. Yu. Lermontov

E. A. Akelkina
Author’s strategy creating a synthetic genre of philosophical portrait-essay: the image of N. A. Nekrasov in “The Diary of a Writer” by F. M. Dostoevsky, 1877

A. A. Smagina
D. Andreev about the visionary essence of F. M. Dostoevsky

T. Yu. Kolyagina
The cycle of “Childish Things” stories by Valery Larbaud in the light of F. M. Dostoevsky’s concept of childhood

E. V. Alexandrova
Travel literature genre in the works of E. P. Kovalevsky

E. V. Kirichuk, A. S. Vizgirda
Specifics of the polycultural communication of Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s novella “In a Grove” in today’s culture

I. O. Prihodchenko
Local text oppositions in the literary prose of Pavlodar (based on the material of the Pavlodar memoir literature of the 1930s)

A. B. Nikolaeva
Textual analysis of the embodiment of postmodernism signs and qualities in Russian literature (A. Bitov “Pushkin House”, V. Sorokin “Blue Salo”, V. Pelevin “The Life of Insects”)

Yang Bo, Zhang Liwei
Buddhism in cyberspace: status and challenges


Z. A. Aksyutina
Classifications of approbation types for research results

E. A. Klyushnikova
Pedagogy of sobriety. “Sobriety” phenomenon evolution in the categories of the OSG (order of sequencing goals) method

T. S. Kotlyarova, I. A. Kostyuk, N. V. Aleksandrova
Training for pedagogical university students to form research skills in younger schoolchildren

E. S. Antsibor
Specificity of foreign cadets adaptation to the conditions of studying at a military higher educational institution

Yu. N. Zelenov, F. T. Khamatnurov, M. Yu. Biktuganova, M. M. Dudina
Pluralism of sustainable civic attitudes among SVE students

A. L. Katkova, Е. S. Bulycheva, A. A. Katkova
Board games influencing socialization of adolescents

N. P. Murzina, I. N. Rasskazova
Values of kindergarteners who start working in preschool education

S. V. Shmachilina-Tsibenko, Ye. A. Belitskaya
Management of the health-saving environment formation in a preschool educational organization (on the example of a preschool institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan)

T. V. Sabantseva
Analysis of the modern employer’s requirements for the professional skills of a BA in Choreographic Art


E. G. Animitsa, K. V. Chernyshev
Focus on social justice as a necessary factor for the Russian economy development

М. С. Balpan, О. Yu. Patlasov
Efficiency of local self-government authorities and sustainability of rural territories

V. V. Biryukov
Monetary mechanisms of economic development: conceptual aspects of the analysis

V. Yu. Epanchintsev, O. V. Shumakova
Promising areas of advisory support for farms (case study of the Omsk Region)

V. A. Kundius, O. V. Sergienko
Peculiarities of normative regulation of anti-crisis management in agriculture

E. V. Rozhkov
Analysis of the digital platform introduction for property management (regional and municipal features)

S. M. Khairova, V. E. Kalugin
Analysis of compliance with the quality parameters of the work of the state employment service