Vol. 16 • No. 1 • 2022



E. A. Akelkina
Outcomes of the international jubilee conference dedicated to the 200th anniversary of F. M. Dostoevsky: main trends of research

O. V. Pishchalnikova
F. M. Dostoevsky as a national brand: causes and consequences

G. Ye. Zaporozhtseva
Return of the criminal to the crime scene: based on the F. M. Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” novel

Jordi Morillas
Dostoevsky’s legacy in Spain: What have Spaniards learned from Dostoevsky?

Anita Prelovsek
Dostoevsky and music

O. S. Ordinartseva
“Crime and Punishment” in the musical interpretation by Heinrich and Peter Sutermeister: problems of interpretation of the prose text

O. M. Kolesnikov
Stylization and Skaz in Chekhov’s Easter Stories (“The Student”, “On Holy Week”, “Murder”)

E. V. Kirichuk, N. E. Erofeeva
J. Barnes’ considerations about G. Flaubert’s prose: philological novel as a means of “profound reading”

A. K. Matayeva, S. B. Zhumagul, E. I. Kopteva
New concepts in the theory of modern Kazakh literature studies

V. I. Khomyakov
Typological modifications of a “thin” weekly (on the example of the magazine “Capital and Manor”)

V. A. Evdokimov
Mass media operation in the conditions of political conflicts


A. F. Filatova, A. O. Strelkov
Multicultural education in a multicultural university setting

I. V. Leushina, L. I. Leushina
The patriotic education of a technical university graduate

E. V. Silantyeva
The interdisciplinary nature of school culture

A. V. Sibiryakov, N. M. Kulmurzaev, R. B. Shaydullaev, D. I. Makambaeva
Peculiarities of education and teaching of children with disabilities

V. A. Bogdanov

O. V. Selezneva
Methodological aspects of the visualization tools use in the content of electronic textbooks

G. K. Ismailova, L. A. Baitleuova
The use of grammar-translation and communicative methods in teaching foreign languages to university students in online format: review from students’ perspective

V. N. Kartashovа
Electronic educational resource in teaching English: the results of the students’ practice

A. V. Bobrov
Implementation of the project on development and use of the “Beaver Games” collection in lessons of English

I. V. Gerasimova, V. A. Shelontsev
Comparative analysis of the memorizing productivity of educational material on inorganic and organic chemistry by students

G. A. Kuvshinova
Development of Russian educational programs in the design industry


V. Yu. Anikin, O. Yu. Patlasov
Alternative sources of capital attraction: crowdfunding and crowdinvesting startups

E. B. Dvoryadkina, A. A. Eliseeva, O. A. Belikova
Regional market of personal services: theoretical approach to research

D. V. Morozov
Determination of import dependence indicators for biotechnological enterprises

N. B. Pilnik
Analysis of the Russian Federation regions interaction in the framework of their innovative development using dynamic Bayesian network

V. N. Minat
Structural factor role in the resource productivity change of the manufacturing sector of the US economy