Vol. 15 • No. 2 • 2021



P. R. Kozdrin
Escape and spiritual transformation motifs in literary works of L. N. Tolstoy considered in the aspect of intercultural dialogue

O. M. Kolesnikov
Typology of Bible quotes in Chekhov’s prose

I. V. Klypina, E. Y. Shestakova
Artistic interpretation of the childhood theme in the stories by Fyodor Sologub

O. B. Spesivtseva
Legends of the Sacred country in Nicholas Roerich’ literary works

R. A. Kerimova
Poetic discourse of the Thaw: M. Mokaev – poet of the sixtiess

E. V. Kirichuk, O. A. Shevchenko
Artistic features of Michel Tournier’s philosophical tale “Amandine, or Two gardens”

E. S. Korshunova
Technical terminology in science fiction (on the example of “The door into summer”by R. A. Heinlein)

E. B. Borisova
Some features of translation the international maritime conventions texts

V. A. Evdokimov
“Constructive journalism” in Russian regions

V. I. Khomyakov
The history of “Science and Life” popular scientific journal formation


Z. A. Aksyutina
Classification of hypotheses for pedagogical research

E. A. Noskov, O. N. Luchko, Ye. V. Lopanova
Design of intelligent information systems in the field of education management based on cognitive methodology

V. P. Reva, H. V. Torkhava
Systemic and synergetic preconditions for musical perception training in younger school children

Yu. A . Tereshchenko, A. A. Dolgova
Assessment of universal competencies succession within a future teacher professional trajectory

M. R. Vanyagina
Professionally-oriented foreign language education in the higher military school through the prism of information system-categorical methods

S. M. Andryushechkin
Research into the effectiveness of the empirical pedagogical method “practical and innovative work”

L. A. Shpagina, D. A. Gerasimenko, I. I. Novikova,
O. N. Gerasimenko, A. M. Gorobey

Risk models of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of occupational genesis as a preventive element in the system of vocational guidance

M. P. Lapchik, M. I. Ragulina, S. R. Udalov
Formation of readiness for technological creativity being the basis of a technology teacher modern training

T. S. Kotlyarova
Interdisciplinary connections planning to form professionally significant qualities of future teachers

Yu. Yu. Rayanova
Formation of readiness for professional-pedagogical activities among students of physical education university

L. P. Pyagai, E. A. Sergievitch
Influence of the self-isolation regime during COVID-19 on the physical ability of Omsk students

D. A. Gerasimenko, I. S. Shpagin, I. I. Novikova,
O. N. Gerasimenko, A. M. Gorobey

Comparative characteristics of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from exposure to harmful production factors in the content of tobacco smoking prevention at school


A. A. Korableva, M. Yu. Yakovina,
A. Yu. Kurnishova, N. A. Boyko

Management and provision of the region economic security: a conceptual aspect

A. N.Minina, O. Yu. Patlasov
Methodology for brand assessment as an intangible asset in agricultural holdings

V. A. Kundius, O. V. Sergienko
Anti-crisis management strategies, features of their formation in agriculture

N. G. Gavrilenko
The use of artificial neural networks when planning the target indicators for the truck haulage development in the Russian Federation

Yu. S. Pinkovetskaia
Comparative analysis of respondent’s opinions concerning possibilities of successful startups and easy start of entrepreneurial activity

G. I. Malyshenko
HR strategies for in-house training in self-learning organizations

E. A. Orlyansky
Traditional market economy and its anti-cyclical potential in the assessments of researchers of the 19th and 20th centuries