Vol. 15 • No. 1 • 2021



G. V. Kosiakov
Poetics of the soul definitions in the lyric poetry by M. Yu. Lermontov

S. K. Kuchigina
Chronicles by second-rate Russian playwrights of the first third of the 19th century (on the example of M. N. Zagoskin’s works)

E. E. Kruglova
Seeing his mother: the experience of psychoanalytic interpretation of a dream in “Meeting” by I. S. Turgenev

Zhang Yuwei
I. S. Turgenev’s “First love” as a motif in the works by B. K. Zaytsev

Zhang Chengdong
The historical alternative as the metamotif in postmodern texts by Victor Pelevin

O. B. Soldatova
The role of evaluation tools creating D. Trump’s media image by The Guardian

V. A. Evdokimov
Regional press as a mediator shaping the Russian people political culture


E. O. Ivanova, I. M. Osmolovskaya
Shift of the modern didactics research field

S. V. Shmachilina-Tsibenko
Peculiarities of nature and the animal world medical and educational influence in medical pedagogy

O. L. Osadchuk, N. N. Rybakova
Shaping professional identity of future teachers in reflexive training conditions

T. Yu. Berezina, O. A. Fyodorova
Patriotic education of pedagogical university students through project activities

A. O. Shatalovа
Approaches to design an individual path for teaching high school students

N. D. Kuzmina, A. V. Burdukovskaya, I. N. Lesnikov, T. S. Mospan, Yu.V. Kupriyanova
Determination of the appropriate structure for the student performance assessment corpus when organizing unsupervised work

N. Yu. Kryuchkova, I. I. Novikova, N. V. Rezanova
The assessment of health status of secondary medical personnel and identification of the need for modern forms and methods of advanced professional training on the results of sociological survey

M. V. Karelinа
The current state of international experience in the use of high-tech transport simulators

S. A. Zavrazhin, A. E. Terentyeva
Overcoming disorder of the intonation speech component in preschool children


V. V. Biryukov
Paradigmatic framework of modern economic research strategies: features of formation and revision

V. I. Blagoev, Е. Р. Shustova, I. V. Mishchenko
The Influence of marketing instruments on the bayer behavior in case of organic products

N. G. Gavrilenko
Essential features of automotive transport development in Russia

V. G. Demyanov
Entrepreneurial risks in the Russian economy

S. M. Ilchenko , J. V. Kroukovsky
Strategic aspects of digital transformation processes modeling in modern economy

E. K. Kuznetcova, L. R. Khayrulina
Cost evaluation of human capital development of the mining industry in Russia

V. N. Minat
Innovative development of the US processing industry: regional aspect