I. V. Robert,
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, academician of Russian, Head of the Education Informatization Center of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Establishment “Education Management Institute of the Russian Academy of Education” Institute of Education Management of the Russian Academy of Education
5/16, 1B Makarenko st., Moscow, 105062, Russian Federation ORCID ID:


Introduction. The article is devoted to the description of the methodology of scientific and peda- gogical research. Different levels of methodological knowledge are presented.

Methodology and methods. The classification of research methods in pedagogy is proposed. The structure of the methodology of scientific and pedagogical research and description of the content charac- teristics of each component of the structure are presented. The necessity of strict formalization of the struc- ture component of the methodology of scientific and pedagogical research and determination of their inter- relations are substantiated.

Conclusions. The contradictions identified in the study determine: the substantive basis of the provi- sions submitted for defense; description of ways to solve the problem of research; the results of the study; the applicant’s contribution to the pedagogical science.

Keywords: methodology of science, methodology of pedagogical research, methods of research in pedagogy, object and subject of research in pedagogy, pedagogy, structure of methodology of pedagogical research, levels of methodological knowledge, goals and objectives of pedagogy.


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