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The journal «The Science of Person: Humanitarian Researches» is founded by Non-state Educational Institution of Higher Education "Omsk Humanitarian Academy" in 2007.

The publisher of the magazine «The Science of Person: Humanitarian Research» is the Private establishment an educational institution of higher education the Omsk humanitarian academy. Abbreviate from the order to rename the institution no. 57 from 31.08.2015

Address of the editors office and the publisher: 2a 4th Chelyuskintsev street, Omsk, Omsk Region, 644105.

The registration certificate PI No. TU55-00557 dated 03/04/2017 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media in Omsk Region

ISSN 1998-5320 (Print)

ISSN 2587-943X (Online)

You can check the article here and here. It must be at least 70 % of the author's text

It is included in the RISC base (The Russian index of scientific citing, and in the List of top reviewed scientific magazines, in which the main scientific results of doc-toral and PhD theses published.

The journal is a project open for all interested people and organizations. This is the edition devoted to the developments of current importance, which have a practical value in the field of economy, management, psychology, journalism, and informatics.

"Geography" of the journal is rather wide: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Uzbekistan; Vo-ronezh, Penza, Irkutsk, Orel, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Ulan-Ude, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Ros-tov-na-Donu, Pskov, Taganrog, Smolensk, etc.

Journal sections:
Section I. Philological sciences
Section II. Pedagogical sciences
Section III. Economic sciences

Main goals:
• to draw attention to the most actual, perspective and interesting humanitarian courses;
• to give an opportunity to the researchers and scientists to declare their achievements, the results of work in the field of studying of the person in the sphere of his spiritual, intellectual, moral, cultural and public activity;
• to support young researchers (newcomers);
• to organize a wide exchange of scientific information between scientists of the Russian and foreign higher education institutions and the research organizations.

Edition language – Russian, English

Distribution territory – Russian Federation.

Frequency – four releases in a year (March, June, September, December).

The Journal editorial board policy is based on the effort of high-quality representing the in-coming manuscripts. Articles are being sub-edited. If necessary, some remarks will be agreed with authors. Editorial board has the right to make abridgments and editorial changes of the text without dealing with an article content. The updates of the articles are not given to the authors. The points of view of authors and of the editorial board may differ.

One of the main points is reviewing the materials placed in the edition. Editorial board car-ries out reviewing and editing all incoming manuscripts according to the requirements for scien-tific literature editing.

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