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To authors

To authors

Dear authors! Our journal accepts articles in English with an extended abstract in Russian (1–1,5 pages).


The journal is issued four times a year.

Time limit of admission materials are not set. During the preparation of the current issue and in coordination with the authors papers will be recommended for publication in the next is-sue. The materials executed not according to the present requirements, won't be accepted to the publication.

For the publication of materials it is necessary to provide (by e-mail:
1. an application (is to be filled on each author of article separately);
2. in electronic version;
3. scanned review with the signatures of the reviewers and the seal of the organization (requirements for review, see Appendix).

The printed version of the article and original reviews must be submitted(within two weeks after sending the email) to the editorial office at: 644105, Russia, Omsk, 4th Cheluskintsev street, 2A, editorship.


For authors from other universities, Omsk - 2500 roubles for an article.
For nonresident and foreign authors - 5500 roubles for an article.
When exceeding the scope of the article (8 pages) - 250 rubles per page.

Publication for graduate students is free of charge upon availability of a quota in the cur-rent issue of the journal. In case of absence of quotas, authors will be offered to publish materials in the next issue.

Graduate students are to provide a letter from the Department of postgraduate studies con-firming their status.

Payment is to be made after the acceptance of the materials for publication by the Editorial Board. Scanned receipt must be provided to the Editorship within three weeks after article is accepted for publication.

Please note that at the end of the article there must be the author's signature!


Review is to be written in a free form. The following aspects must be reflected:
• relevance,
• scientific significance of the article,
• nature of the article (practical or theoretical),
• the section of the journal for which the article is recommended for publication,
• novelty of the material.

Information about the reviewer: academic degree, academic rank, position, first name, middle initial, last name.

Signature, certified by the seal of the organization or the personnel department

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